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Managing Your Brand Can Be Hard.
We Make It Easier.

Working across a range of industries for 10 years gives me both experience and a fresh perspective to offer. What might be a conventional approach in one industry can be an intriguing, new take when applied to another field. Check out our solutions to your business development needs and it works.

Initial Process

Choose a package that suits your needs. A form and corresponding email with materials will be sent prior to connecting, see Onboarding. If you are unsure of what plan or package you need, live chat us for direct assistance or book a discovery call. All booking fees go towards services placed within 14 days of the session. Once the project begins all communication, timelines, and status will be distributed via email ONLY. You will be assigned a project manager with client portal access to keep track of your progress. Upon completion, files are sent via Google Drive or Dropbox and accessible for 7 Days.


Upon completion of the order, you'll receive onboarding forms and a contract. These serve as a jumping-off point for future conversation, and to help organize your thoughts. Your answers don’t need to be polished, don’t worry. You’ll gather and send samples of your existing branding if you have any, so I can see where we’re starting from and where improvements can be made, or your brand vision. We’ll have video meetings (one or two, depending on your project) to talk over your submissions in more depth, evaluate your existing materials, review competitors’ branding, and discuss the process timeline for your feedback.

Project Management 

Studio Portrait

Please place the point of contact details and all parties needing to be CC'd in the forms as a project manager will be assisted to handle all project updates and revision details as needed. As needed, we’ll refine the selected concept further. Once the feedback is used to create a new draft of a design, that completes one round of revisions. A project scope includes 2-3 rounds of revisions. More is always available, billed at an hourly rate. (It usually takes less than 3 rounds per project component.)

Reports & Analytics 

Prior to beginning any project, we do a brand audit to review your current status and competitors' activity. We keep track of your insights and impressions in order to provide guided materials that could help excel your brand. Through our resource library, you can find articles, ebooks, and events to help enrich your business in order to reach your maximum potential.



Logos, Websites, Business Cards, Flyers, Email Signatures, & More.



Courses, Webinars, Checklist/Worksheets, Planners & E-Books.



Brand Revitalization: Logo, Websites, & More.



Custom Apparel, Promotional Merchandise & Printing Services.



Marketing & Crisis Management Plans, Lead Magnets, & More.

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More About Our Resellers Program, Memberships & Academy.


Nail that first impression with a pristine brand that’s as unforgettable as your business. From logo designs to web presence we help you discover your brand identity. Download 'Branding Beginnings' booklet to get started. 


Power moves consist of power change. You may be searching for ways to clarify your business’ purpose, expand your product/service, need a reputation reboot, or looking to level up on your competition. Download 'Branding Beginnings' booklet to get started.  


Bring the vision to life with a unique and engaging visual makeover for one of your brand’s social media profiles or website. We'll manage your pages while you handle business.

Show customers and stakeholders all your gratitude with custom brand thank you postcards, packaging labels, business cards, flyers, invoices, email signatures or letterheads for in-house printing.


We also provide 24/7 customer support handling negative reviews and managing internet reputation. Revive and revamp your style. Iconic Minds takes on the challenge, big or small, to recreate a brand image parallel to your company's goal.

Ready to Make Your Team More Effective?

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