The Brand Beginnings Booklet is an essential addition to the start-up toolkit, designed for entrepreneurs, founders, visual designers, brand creators, and anyone seeking to decode the complex woes of brand identity.


The conversational, vernacular free, tone of the book helps the reader to understand the essential elements of the brand identity process and some marketing techniques. 


The Brand Beginnings Booklet is a creative guide for new businesses, start-ups, and individuals, which puts visual identity at the heart of the brand strategy.


With the right brand identity, you can gain trust and influence the buying habits of the customers you want most. Many small business owners understand the importance of a logo, but branding is more than colors and a slogan. Chances are the same mistakes many entrepreneurs make, you too are stumbling on. When you’re a startup company on a Dollar Tree budget it’s perfectly fine to take on the task yourself. You are highly capable of developing an amazing brand identity, however, understanding the process is essential. In this comprehensive workbook, branding expert Bree Chester walks you through the process of creating a brand identity for your company featuring serial entrepreneur and tax expert, Dricka Carter bringing in her formalities of the tax business for the tax edition. 


Define your target market, find your voice, and leverage your social media presence. Paired with understanding how the right colors and logos can make your business irresistible, this Brand Beginnings Booklet will teach you the right way to develop and apply your brand message, designed by you.

This booklet covers:
  • Identifying your brand identity, brand voice & brand message.
  • Identifying your target audience and how to communicate with them. 
  • Different ways to connect to your target audience.
  • Establishing your marketing strategy and call to action (offers).
  • Configuring your competitive SWOT analysis. 

Brand Beginnings Booklet

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