9 Holiday Marketing Strategies

1. Set goals for your social media content

Before you get started, think about what you want to accomplish this holiday season. Do you want to increase sales through leads gained via social media? Do you want to increase brand awareness? Increase engagement on social media? Define specific, measurable goals for your social media marketing this holiday season and structure your social strategy around these goals.

2. Identify what types of promotions or sales you want to offer

Customers are constantly looking for deals and savings during the holiday season, and this will especially be true during the global pandemic and current economic downturn. Identify what you are going to offer this season ahead of time and plan your social media content around it.

3. Focus on your online business

If you are able, consider placing an emphasis on e-commerce and online activities, since current CDC guidelines recommend online shopping this season.

4. Spread holiday cheer

Your customers want to purchase gifts from you, but they also expect to experience holiday spirit from the small businesses they patronize. Be sure to spread holiday cheer on your social media accounts for the season.

5. Add a personal touch

Include thank you notes inside deliveries, on boxes, over social media, or via email when customers purchase your products. If you don't offer physical products, send thank you notes and well-wishes for the holidays to clients via email, social media, or snail mail. A personal touch will ensure your loyal customer base feels appreciated.

6. Consider creating a gift guide

Make things easy for your customers and create a gift guide on social media. Display what you are offering and tailor it towards specific customers to give your followers some inspiration.

7. Offer free or discounted shipping

For those who have products to ship, you should consider offering discounted or free shipping in order to stay competitive. Free shipping is expected from a lot of consumers year-round, but if you can at least offer it during the holidays it may ensure stronger sales. Be sure to let your customers know about your shipping options on social media.

8. Hold a social media giveaway

Customers love the prospect of winning something for free! Hold a contest on social media with an enticing prize: a free product, gift certificate, or first service will do. Be sure to read up on how to run a holiday contest or giveaway and reference social media giveaway/contest laws in your area.

9. Track your success

Remember those goals you made? Be sure to track your progress throughout the season. And once the holidays are over, consider doing a full recap. This will help you plan for the next holiday season!

May your days be merry and bright. Happy Holidays!

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