Enthroned đź‘‘ Sharice Styles, CEO of Powerhouse Style Club

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Meet Sharice Styles of Powerhouse Style Club:

"I truly believe that if you still have a pulse you still have a purpose and that purpose has a look."- Sharice Styles, CEO 

Sharice Styles is a wife, mother, and Christ follower. She is also a Branding Consultant and the CEO of the Powerhouse Style Club. The one-stop shop where powerhouse women of God come to identify their purpose, monetize their purpose and give their purpose a look. Sharice is passionate about teaching her community how to self-package, by taking their God-given gifts and talents and turning them into products and services that will attract the people they were born to serve. She learned how to self-package and create an authentic brand from her years as a singer and songwriter in the music industry. 


Sharice's vision for the Powerhouse Style Club is to be the place powerhouse women of God can come to build profitable brands the KIngdom way!! 


  • 1:1 Consulting 

  • Monthly Masterclasses

  • FB LIVE Workshops (in our private group)

Also, digital guides and boot camps are available. Within the next year, the Powerhouse Style Club will have premium membership open. Premium members will have access to monthly master classes, exclusive training from Sharice and expert contributors, and a private support group with 24-hour access to their team. 

Get instant access to the FREE Masterclass "How to Identify and Monetize My Gifts" 

If you aren't sure how to get from point A (your talent) to point B (the sale) then this Complimentary LIVE Group Coaching session is for you! 

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