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“I never in a hundred years would have thought I would be writing a blog. Honestly, I did not see the point in writing a blog. The field was saturated. I followed a few blogs myself and I have a couple of close friends that have their own blogs but I never thought I would have one of my own.” - Michele Thompson, Founder

Behind the Start of Food $nob Connoisseur:

An observation inspired by a promise made to herself, that the energy, time and love given so freely to other people would be reciprocated to herself, Food $nob Connoisseur was a vision brought upon her in summer of 2017. A passion about food so enacted that she majored in college in it, it has become her likelihood and something she sermonizes about on a the daily basis through social media.

Fun fact: Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives is one of her favorite shows.

The lack of female and minority presence on the show changed Michele’s view. The realization made her want to highlight meritorious establishments that are not normally in the spotlight, but are worthy of acknowledgement. Food $nob Connoisseur was birthed as a platform to showcase traveling , local restaurants, and food business that are owned by females and minorities. Michele aspires to inform, inspire, and motivate followers with all this information on her blog.

Check out more about this blog in the original Enthroned feature.


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