Miannica Frison


I love seeing a client smile knowing that we didn’t give her a makeover because all of my clients are beautiful but because her makeup enhancement made her feel special.

Introducing Miannica Frison of Poetic Beauty Studio:


Poetic Beauty Studio was founded on a passion for everything involving beauty. We all need a little extra sparkle. The vision for Poetic Beauty Studio is to one day evolve into a chain of beauty studios providing makeup enhancements, hair, nail and esthetician services. Envisioned to become a one-stop shop inspired Miannica to pursue her cosmetology license in order to provide clients with the ultimate experience. 


I started doing makeup in high school because growing up I had people in my life that watched me grow up, who would tell me that I’d never been as beautiful as they were when I was their age.


Makeup was her source for confidence until realizing that it was merely an enhancement of her true beauty. Miannica wants that same realization for her clients. Beauty is already there but it doesn’t hurt to add an enhancement just because, not because it’s needed.

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