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Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need to strengthen your knowledge of marketing, branding, or social media? 


The Academy of Iconic Minds is the retreat for the goals you want to meet.

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs.

  • Learn the things they don't tell you about entrepreneurship.


By becoming a monthly Elite or Iconic member you have access to unlimited courses, the private group on Facebook,  one-on-one brainstorm sessions, and plenty of special offers to help your brand become ICONIC!


See below for details. Open Enrollment begins in January 2021. Classes start soon!

The Academy of Iconic Minds provides a pub for entrepreneurs to gain more knowledge to improve their business and self-reliance. These courses will be distributed through Google Classroom with corresponding brainstorm sessions via live and open discussions through our private Facebook group. E-books are available for purchase. Download our Business Checklist for FREE!

Courses will range from:

Branding 101

Brand Identity


Types of Marketing

Value Proposition




Social Media Engagement


And More!

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Ready to start a business and don't know where to start?

Need an accountability partner to launch your product/service or business?