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Analyzing what worked: Our experts will run a Social Media audit on your accounts and analyze what worked and what didn't. They will also conduct industry/competitor research. When they've completed these steps they will come up with a social media strategy perfectly designed for your business, In the process, they'll answer questions like - what is your voice/messaging, and what are the key values you want to highlight?

Creating content: Your Expert will create branded content, as well as awesome posts using the visual assets/images you supply.​

Managing your accounts: Your Expert is responsible for defining your target audience and making sure your tone/voice is aligned across your brand while you're managing the accounts.​

Keeping you in the loop: Every month, your Expert will provide you with a detailed performance report from your social media accounts, a list of tasks they've performed, their analysis, and suggestions for improving your strategy.

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Cultivate Relationships & Encourage Growth

Members get access to our private group where we'll cover more advance details on marketing and content creation. The group is a safe haven for members to connect and grow together. Members will also have access to our private Canva board on Pinterest where we share more tips & tricks within the app.

Small Group - Large Mindset

Get hands-on direct training to learn Canva and how to convey your brand message with Visionary Architect, Bree. Join our 1-on-1 or Group Design Camp. Need direct training for you or your team? I can help! I've instructed numerous firms to get their team on board with learning Canva to ensure they are making the most of their marketing dollars.

This is a hybrid, virtual training. Members will get access to the replays and there will be a Q&A period available. You'll get access to our private group where you be connected to our network of experts plus enjoy virtual events and knowledge gaining opportunities.

Limited Offer

The Ultimate Digital Marketing Course

Grab our Digital Marketing Course to learn how to put that content to use. In this course you'll gain the knowledge and skills needed to create effective marketing strategies to grow your online business.

What You'll Learn

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing and create effective marketing.

  • Creating a marketing campaign that engages your audience

  • Understanding value proposition vs. branding

  • The 4Ps of the Marketing Mix

  • Discovering your target audience, niche v. mass marketing

  • How to use the most common business tool, SWOT analysis

  • How to use call-to-actions and visual content to your advantage

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