Tia Brown


Based out of Maryland.

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In 2013, Tia started her natural journey. In an attempt to grow locs, she did the big chop. During that process, she fell in love with her natural texture and decided to just let her afro blossom. 


"It was only right that I care for my natural hair using only natural products."


After researching different oils and their benefits, Tia created what is now Mint Conditioning Growth Serum! The oil blends plant-based oils with essential oils to promote healthy hair growth and moisture. She decided to turn her passion into a business and here she is today with Organic Radiance! She received rave reviews from family and friends who loved the product. This only confirmed that Tia was on the right path with her business idea. Tia's goal is to sell other products produced from natural oils and kinds of butter including body butter, wash, facial serums, and body scrubs. She wants to provide products with ingredients that customers can use without guessing what is in it and why. In the future, Tia is looking to add T-Shirts as well. At this time, she is starting her business with the number one seller and most requested item, the Mint Conditioning Growth Serum.


You can find her shop on Instagram @o.radiance and Etsy.com/shop/organicradiancellc or simply search Organic Radiance. 


Choose Natural, Always!

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