Margaret "Maggie" Sharmah


Located in Tampa, Florida.

Maggie specializes in helping the modern day entrepreneur with all things travel.

Meet Margaret “Maggie” Sharmah: daughter, sister, aunt, student, world traveler, business owner and above all – a phenomenal woman. When she's not spending my time eating, breathing, sleeping, all things travel related,  she enjoys reading and spending time with her loved ones.


In 2015, Maggie was blessed with the opportunity to take an “ultimate Europe” trip that definitely changed her view on the world. After traveling to 8 countries in 17 days, she came back a new person – someone who decided it was their mission to travel the world.


Since then, I've made it my duty to discover how I could develop a lifestyle where I would be in control of my time and money so that I  could travel when and how I preferred.


Leap ahead two years into 2017, Maggie developed her brand “Magasweets”. “Magasweets” is focused on showing the world that with proper planning and discipline, you too can travel the world! In addition to sharing her travel adventures from start to finish, she has also taken pride in creating lasting memories through vacations for her #Sweets.


Besides following her on her site, you can find her at various women empowerment events throughout Tampa, FL. These events aid women in making their seemingly impossible goals into realities. Essentially, we turn their can't into cans and their dreams into plans.


Each event goes beyond networking and dives into topics such as increasing wealth, marketing oneself, and overall business success. After all, one woman can make a difference, but together we can rock the world.

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