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State Capitol Tours is a site that will bring you every state capitol building from all 50 states. You will see the latest pictures, videos, and get a detailed history behind each capitol building. Visit StateCapitolTours.com to see his journey!

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How Did State Capitol Tours Come To Be...

My name is Terry Lightner originally born and raised in The Great State of Alabama, Roll Tide for any Bama fans reading this. I love to travel and started my quest to visit every state back in 2007 when I took my first major road trip to Maine. From then on I made it my sole mission to visit every state in the United States, and as of December 28, 2017, exactly 10yrs later I visited Vermont being my last state in the 48 contiguous United States.

With the exception of Hawaii and Alaska, I wanted to push myself even further so I took my first trip to Austin, TX to visit the Texas State Capitol building. The tour guide gave me a passport book which had all the state capitols with an area to stamp to validate your visit. I began to think and the vision was born, I was going to visit all 50 state capitol buildings.

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