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Meet Aishanae of Dessert Therapy:

Dessert Therapy is a company under an umbrella by the name of Eating With Aisha. The umbrella houses Dessert Therapy, Mama Dee's Classic Comforts Catering and Renegade Sauce Company. 


Eating With Aisha was started by Aishanae and her late mother, who passed away in September 2017, so it's become the source of her grieving process. With an extensive background in the industry, Aishanae was introduced to the workmanship and entrepreneurship at an early age as her parents owned restaurants in California. When she became old enough to work, she took on many roles from serving/waitress positions at Denny's to bartending that later mold and inspired the opening of her own restaurant at 24. 


I love watching people taste my creations for the first time, it makes every sleepless night, every experiment, every tear & every burned or cut finger worth it. -Aishanae Jordan, Founder

The creation of Dessert Therapy's name came along during Aishanae's mom sickness and chemotherapy. At this time to keep her mom's mind off the stress and pain, they collectively "experimented" with a multitude of recipes as cooking and baking was therapeutic. They both were instrumental in the healing process for both Aishanae and her mother, who are both extreme foodies.

"Chopped is one of my favorite shows, & it's something my mom & I watched religiously. At some point, my mom and started playing our own version of chopped & it was amazing. My mom would create the baskets and time limits and I would create products for her to taste and judge, which in return gave me some of the most amazing memories & recipes one could ever hope for. "


Aishanae's goal is to show young females that they can do anything and that dreams can be a reality. Each year a portion of Aishanae's profits is used to make backpacks for children that are less fortunate. This was a cause that was mirrored from her mom always doing no matter what she had or how sick she was. She made it her mission to get backpacks, school supplies, and clothing for those in need. Aishanae hopes to open several storefronts and eventually start a tips and tricks vlog. 


"Baking gives you the opportunity to create and use not only your imagination but both art and science which makes me feel like my biology degree isn't a complete waste. As women, we need to know how to love ourselves, how to be ourselves, and how to positively empower other women because the truth is Empowered women, Empower women."