Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need to strengthen your knowledge of marketing, branding, or social media? 


The Academy of Iconic Minds is the retreat for the goals you want to meet.

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs.

  • Learn the things they don't tell you about entrepreneurship.


By becoming a monthly Elite or Iconic member you have access to unlimited offers for our courses, the private group on Facebook,  one-on-one brainstorm sessions, and plenty of special opportunities to help your brand become ICONIC!

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new ebook

Fourth Quarter, Apply Pressure. The last quarter can make or break a business. This ebook was created to help you plan your holiday marketing the right way. Book includes action planning sheets and steps to creating an iconic plan. 

Still need some help with your holiday marketing? Recieve 15% off your Q4 marketing plan when you purchase this ebook. 



Courses Available. The Academy of Iconic Minds provides a pub for entrepreneurs to gain more knowledge to improve their business and self-reliance. These courses will be distributed through Google Classroom with corresponding brainstorm sessions via live and open discussions through our private Facebook group for Elite or Iconic members. Savings value comes in become a member as not only are you connected to a network but you're cashing out on all these benefits.


Buy each course individually or our E-books. Once you have become a member or purchased the individual course, you will be emailed the password for access to the courses below. This self-paced platform is great for those with a 9-to-5, college students, and side hustlers ready to become full-time, serial entrepreneurs.


Check out and download our freebies at the bottom of this page. Academy website launching soon but for now, we're releasing the new ebooks early at a discounted rate! Get a headstart before class is in session.

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Business Fundamentals

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Interested in a private lesson?

We're available on video chat

With the advantages of Google Meet and Google Classroom, we're able to offer you direct assistance on the go. All general business development knowledge has been consolidated to the modern entrepreneur's lifestyle. Each plan offers private one-on-one sessions with our CEO consisting of a 60-minute Strategy Session, which includes any reviewing of your documents or website prior to our session.



Website Outline 

Often times you have all these ideas but don't know where to start. This tool is the prerequisite to everything involving your brand or business and the pieces to your overall marketing strategy.