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Helping Brands Across Industries Achieve Their Goals 

Do you need an accountability partner? Do you need to strengthen your knowledge of marketing, branding, or social media? 


The Academy of Iconic Minds is the retreat for the goals you want to meet.

  • Connect with other entrepreneurs.

  • Learn the things they don't tell you about entrepreneurship.


By becoming a monthly Elite or Iconic member you have access to unlimited offers for our courses, the private group on Facebook, one-on-one brainstorm sessions, and plenty of special opportunities to help your brand become ICONIC!

Self-Paced Courses

Making assumptions about what your audience thinks or wants can quickly lead a brand down the wrong path. Research helps brands better understand potential customers, identify strengths and weaknesses and gain alignment on how to move forward. Through our self-paced course, we provide you with all the essentials that you'll need to successfully market your business.

Real-Time Sharing

The Academy of Iconic Minds provides a pub for entrepreneurs to gain more knowledge to improve their business and self-reliance. These courses will be distributed through Google Classroom & Thinkific with corresponding brainstorm sessions via live and open discussions through our private Facebook group for Elite or Iconic members. Not only are you connected to a network but you gain savings value on new releases and services.

Private Facebook Group

Once you become a member, you'll get access to our private group where we share educational tips, growth opportunities, and host weekly training featuring guest speakers.  

Fits All Team Sizes

We offer self-paced, individual, and group training. If you need to get your team prepared for a brand or product launch, we offer marketing, content creation, and branding workshops (in-person or virtual). 

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Courses + Events Available

Social Media

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Business Fundamentals

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Featured Courses

Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

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